Beeston Primary School

Beeston Primary School

Foundation Subjects

We follow the Dimension ‘Learning Means the World’ curriculum at Beeston, this is a world class Topic based curriculum that helps us to engage and enthuse the children while covering all the national curriculum targets.  The children follow a pathway through each class.  We adjust it depending on which year groups are together as this fluidity is essential in such a small village school.  This however does not disadvantage the children as the Topics we study are Globally used.  Children in 32 other countries will be experiencing the same learning as children at Beeston.  The curriculum also includes a unique and up to date PHSE programme that took into account what the children needed when emerging from lockdown.

Please follow the links to find out more about:

Learning pathways:   ExplorersPathfindersNavigators

The Four C’s – CommunicationConflictCultureConservation

Topic Cycle for each class:

Stars –  Explorers and Pathfinders

Planets – Pathfinders and Adventures

Comets – Navigators

Each class will also cover ‘Competency Units’, to ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum in History.  These will focus on Creativity, Community, Commitment and Courage.  Also ‘NC essential units’, in Key Stage 2 to cover all Geography and Science.  All other subjects are covered within topics.